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17b Lissanover Gold Collar

17 b. Lissanover
Gold CollarAs well as the castle the townlamd of Lissanover (Lisanover or Lisnova) is well known for the Gold Collar (Lunala) found in 1909.

The collar was found in an old quarry by Philip McAvinue on his lands at the edge of the townland adjoining Cor Bog. The lands are now farmed by his granddaughter Bridie and her husband Gerry Goldrick.     (Private Property)

The picture on the right was taken with permission at the National Museum of Archaeology, Kildare Street, Dublin on 12th June 2012.

The quarry in Lisanover where the Gold Collar (Lunala) was found
The quarry where the Lissanover Gold Collar was found with Cuilcagh Mountain in the distance.
The stone beside which the collar was found
Oliver Brady and Gerry Goldrick standing on the bank above where the collar was found
A beautiful sunset over the Iron Mountains which couldn't be missed! It was taken beside where the collar was found.
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