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Templeport.ie Email address Frequently Asked Questions (Draft)

  1. How do you access web mail?
    The URL for webmail is https://altmail.blacknight.com/
    You should login with the email address and password you have asked to be set up.
  2. Can a you change your own email password?
    Users are not able to change their own email password. Users may ask for a a specific
    password to be set up but the TDA will not be responsible for keeping passwords on file.   In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to reset the email account but all mails in transit will be lost.
  3. To avoid Spam or rubbish mail
    Avoid publishing your email address in whole anywhere on public web sites (e.g. newsgroups or forums). Make sure that any site that is asking for your email address is reputable and check their privacy policy.
  4. Email attachments
    Your templeport.ie emails may carry attachments up to 3 MB (three megabytes) and you may not have more than 10 Mb of mails (including attachments) in your mail box at any one time. Attachments with the following file extensions are not permitted: exe, bat, com, reg, pif, scr, +(more to be added for your protection) double file extensions (e.g... mydocument.com.txt) are not permitted.
  5. Limited email addresses
    Email addresses are limited to two hundred and will be available on a first come, first served basis. If the name you request is already taken you will be asked for an alternate name.
  6. Set up your account
    Tutorials to help you set up your new email address are available from the links below. In each case you will need the following information:
    Incoming Mail Server (POP 3): mail.templeport.ie
    Outgoing mail Server (SMTP): mail.templeport.ie (or your own ISP's SMTP mail server)
    Apple Mail Entourage 2004 Eudora
    Incredimail Netscape Outlook Express
    Outlook 2002 Outlook 2003 Pegasus

To apply for your email address please send an email to

To attempt to reduce the quantity of 'Spam' or rubbish mail we have hidden the email addresses from mail address collecting harvesters (Spam Bots) with a simple Java script.
If you can not see the email address link above please enable 'Java Script'.

Alternatively, you may type this address into your email: mail sales
Please be sure to make the subject line: Templeport Website Reply



Last update: 25 June, 2015 8:05