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7. Darragh Fort

7. Darragh (Derryagh) Fort
Reputed shrine of the Celtic sun god `Crom Cruaich' We are told that the main purpose of St. Patrick's visit to west Cavan was to overthrow and destroy the great pagan idol `Crom Cruaich'. Darragh Fort (Crom's hill) is reputed to be the site where the shrine of Crom Cruaich stood.
Crom's feast was celebrated on the 1st of August (Lughnasa). St. Patrick in his usual wisdom of adapting pagan customs to Christian observances left as a heritage to Tullyhagh, the observance of Garland Sunday. the last Sunday of July (locally Domhnach Sunday in place of Black Crom's Day).

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The Plain of Adoration
(translated from Irish)

Here was raised
A high idol of many fights
The Crom Cruaich
The king idol of Erin.

He was their God
This withered hump of mists
Dominating every path
Denying the eternal Kingdom.
In a circle stood
Four times three idols of stone
To bitterly enslave his people
The pivot figure was oh gold.

In dark November
When the two worlds near each other
He glittered among his subjects
Blood crusted, insatiable.

To him, without glory,
Would they sacrifice their first born,
With wailing and danger
Pouring new blood for the stooped one.

Under his shadow they cried
And mutilated their bodies
From his worship oh colour
It is called the plain of adoration.

Well Barn Gaels lay prostrate
Before his crooked shape
Until the coming of saintly Patrick
Then it sank back into its earth.

Templeport Lake with St Mogue's Island from Darragh Fort
Templeport Lake with St Mogue's Island from Darragh Fort





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