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Daniel Grose - Druid performing a human sacrificial rite

Supplementary pages taken from TARA (Trinity College Access to Research Archive) for Daniel Grose text and drawings about Templeport and Lisanover 1835

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This table copied from: http://www.tara.tcd.ie/handle/2262/11419
Title: My own magazine or independent periodical for 1833 to 1835, Vol 2, fol.062v
Author: Grose, Daniel, ca. 1766-1838
Issue Date: 1835
Citation: TCD MS 10558 fol 62v
Description: Pen-and-ink sketch of a druid performing a human sacrificial rite. The druid wears robes, sandals and a wreath of leaves and advances, with curved blade raised, upon the victim who is tied, half-naked, to a stone within a stone circle.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2262/11419
Culture: Irish
Current Repository: Manuscripts Department, Trinity College Library, Dublin
Date (Beginning): 1833
Date (Completion): 1835
Dimensions/Extent: 22 cm x 26 cm
Material (Support): ink
Subject (TGM): Sketches -- 1810-1840
Work: manuscripts
Appears in Collections: TCD Manuscript Test Project (Digital Image Collection)

Sketch of a druid performing a human sacrificial rite.

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