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The Bawn (Draft 7)
Ballymaguran Castle (Draft 4)
Killycluggin Stone (Draft 4)
The Bawn Ballymaguran-castle Killycluggin-stone
The three signs above are for consideration, the ones below are already printed and erected on site.
The two signs below already exist on the boathouse

Tourist Information Sign
to be erected on St Mogue's Island

Please click on the thumbnail below to look at a size reduced version of the proposed new sign.
Please note this is only an early draft for discussion, it needs all facts checking and confitrming as well as full proof reading.

There is an item about the Priscian Grammar, was it translated from Greek in to Irish or in to Latin?

St Mogue's Boathouse sign (left)
St Mogue's Boathouse sign (Right)
Proposed St Mogue's Island sign
St Mogues island info sign (left)
 St Mogues Boathous sign (Right)
StMogue's Island new info sign
This sign was originally intended to be erected on the Island.
This was to be the only sign on the boathouse. 
Main article: 322 words
Words in all other boxes: 137
(Not including Priscian Grammar!)
Please scroll down for the two remaining signs
St Peter's Church Tourist Information
Holy Trinity Barn Church Infomation
St Peter's Church info sign
Holy Trinity Barn church Tourist Infomation sign