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6. Ballymagauran Castle

6. Ballymagauran / Ballymagovern Castle / 2
The name 'Castle' is a mis-nomer; the structure of Ballymagauran Castle was a Fortified Jacobean stone house surounded by a substantial ditch.
The house was only inhabited for about thirty years and fell in to dissuse after the Cromwellian Wars because it would have been vunerable to the new heavy artillary. .
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Ballymagauran Castle
Ballymagauran Castle

Artist's impression of Ballymagauran Castle
Artist's impression of Ballymagauran Castle as it could have been.

Ballymagauran Castle from the west
Ballymagauran Castle from the west

Additional sources of information:
A good description and history are available on the Wiki page at: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballymagauran

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